AIR CTI enables you to suit the load to the road, and the conditions you are driving in. You achieve better traction, better tire life and enjoy a better ride, whilst having greater control over braking, steering and speed. This all adds up to improved safety, improved fuel economy, and improved job scheduling.

The ability to control your tire pressure will maximise your vehicle life and your tire life. AIR CTI is extremely effective in all terrain conditions, including on road and off road conditions, from sand, gravel and mud, to bitumen.

•Just push the button on the dash to adjust the tire pressure to suit your needs.

•The pressure adjusts to the set pressure, and is maintained at that pressure.

•If a puncture occurs, a visual and audible warning warns the driver, then automatically adds air to keep the tires inflated up to the capacity of the truck compressor.

•On start up, the highest pressure is automatically selected.

An aircti system includes these components:


A dash mounted controller allows for quick and easy switching between pre-set pressures. Pre-set pressures can be adjusted on the fly with a simple press of a button. Inbuilt safety measures are also built in to ensure the driver is always aware of any issue.


Air supply is connected to a inflate and self-draining filter assembler. This assembly which is generally located behind the cabin regulates the supply of air to the Isolator assembly, which in turn regulates the tyre ait pressure. The self-draining water traps primary function is to remove water particles, but also serves to indicate that a air drier need servicing.


The unique automatic Isolator valve block, combined with two stainless solenoid deflate valves for safety and quick deflation.The isolator allows for instant isolation of any wheel set from the other wheels, it also prevent any uneven inflation or deflation, ensuring even tyre wear.


Super tough heat moulded, Snizentite drop pipes fit close to the tires, suppling the rotator wheel assemblies and insuring that connection to the wheel is protected.


The unique AIR CTI manufactured Delrin rotating glands (rotators) that have carbon seals, tungsten carbide seats, and have superb bearing protection with triple sealing, rotator mounts are Delrin for light weight, zero rust and easy installation using original axle studs for ultimate reliability and ease of installation. Self-sealing quick connect fittings make tire changes easy with top grade tyre hoses are 'cut to length' for easy fit up, eliminating ugly spaghetti hoses, for reliability and good looks.