AIR CTI - Central Tyre Inflation System

Tyre Inflation/Deflation Systems for all Vehicles , including Trucks, Fertilizer Spreaders, Fastracs, Trailers, 4 Wheel Drives and More.

The ability to control your Tyre pressure will maximise your vehicle life and your tyre life, and is extremely effective in all terrain conditions, including on road and off road conditions, from sand, gravel and mud, to bitumen. AIR CTI enables you to suit the load to the road and the conditions you are driving in, You achieve better traction, better tyre life and enjoy a better ride. Whilst having greater control over braking, steering and speed. This all adds up to improved safety, improved fuel economy, and improved job scheduling. When used correctly there will be less cabin and vehicle vibration, less wheel slip and less axle tramp. With an AIR CTI Central Tyre Inflation System on your vehicle you will never look back. It is a Win Win Situation. Work Smarter - Not Harder with AIR CTI there to help you every KM along the way.

MultiCline - Tilt Slide Drop Retrieve

The MultiCline Interchangeable bodies help to make Trucks and Trailers more versatile enabling a greater range of jobs and projects to be completed with quick and easy to achieve switching of Bodies.

Interchange Truck and Trailer bodies easily, quickly, economically and safely with this system. The more versatile your truck/trailer is, the more profitable it becomes. Dont let your truck sit around waiting for another job for the same type of tray/body, change the body/tray within minutes, and you will be able to achieve a greater range of work. You can even leave bodies to be unloaded at locations, pick up another body that has already been unloaded, and save time in the process. Multi Task your Truck and Trailer with the MultiCline, and it will make money for you.


Fuel is the often the major transport expense. Fuel use depends upon driver skill, rolling resistance, and aerodynamic.

Pushing Air Costs money. Simple aerodynamic aids, carefully selected, installed correctly, will save thousands and thousands of Dollars. In Fact, forcing a truck thorough air uses in excess of 50% of the fuel at only 90km! Aerodynamic aids are lightweight and affordable. They save money by saving fuel. Aerodynamics are a good looking addition that shouts to everyone that you are eco conscious - you care about your footprint on the environment.

FASS - Fuel Air Separation System

FASS is our unique Fuel Air Separation System, Imported from the USA it removes dirt, water, condensation, air and vapour from diesel fuel systems.

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